Hi there, I'm so excited you stopped by Sometimes I Add Wine!  I’m Ananda - a confessed hobby hoarder, outdoor trekker, recipe developer, wine enthusiast, and lover of all things four-legged and furry. I started this blog to share my adventures in cooking with you. Why did I name my blog Sometimes I Add Wine?  It's a play off one of my favorite quotes,

"I like to cook with wine, sometimes I even
add it to the food!" W.C Fields

It might seem like a silly quote to be a favorite. Shouldn't your favorite quote be something deep and meaningful? Well first of all, I say it can be whatever you want. And second, it kind of is deep and meaningful...to me anyway. I love hanging out in the kitchen after a long week, pouring a glass of wine, turning up some music and dancing around while cooking up some new recipe.  The quote represents that happy place. 

I'll be sharing my favorite recipes and adventures on Sometimes I Add Wine. I hope you'll pour a glass of wine and join me!

~ Ananda